Pumin is a Hungarian herding dog.
The breed emerged in the 1700s in Hungary by crossing the primitive Puli with the imported one.

They were German and French dogs of the terrier type with upright ears. They became a separate breed in 1923

This is probably one of the world’s smartest dog breeds. Pumi came to Sweden in the 70s by imports from Finland. The most common colours are grey and black also white and cream coloured ones can be found. Pumis hair does not shed but can be quite difficult in the puppy and young dogs.

Pumi is an active dog, they can be quite demanding when they are young, but just as often as it is lively and cheerful, it can be calm.

Pumi are intelligent and need to work to be stimulated. It has a loud barks and is a prominent watchdog, but also a good companion dog. Pumi’s need to work every day to feel good, it doesn’t matter whether it is herding, agility, tracking as long as it gets to use its brain.

Some Pumi’s are very cuddly others prefer to lie at your feet. Pumi is a breed for the active family with or without children, and who likes to work with their dog.





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