A Pleasing head type and propotion. B Snipey muzzle,high ear set, skully. C Lacks stop, bumpy skull, high ear set, throaty. D Setter Head not correct for cocker. E Exaggerated type, skull to domed, upturned nose, bulging eyes,excessive wrinkle.

Different bite

A Overshot. B Underbite. C  Level bite. D scissor bite.


A Correct rear assembly. B Coww hoked. C Open hoked.
D Narrow, lacking bone and substance.


A Correct front. B Narrow, front legs come out of the same hole.
C Louded shoulders, too wide, tends to toe. D Fiddle front, out at elbows, crooked legs.


A Ideal. B Long back-poor topline. C Short neck-low tailset.
D Straight in stifle and lacking shoulder angulation.

E Exaggerated sloping topline and over-angulated rear quarter. F Generally shelly and too fine boned-weak pasterns, poor feet. G Short mincing gait. H Hackneyed gait.

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