Grooming American Cocker

Start with the head first, use clip machine with cutting 10 / 1 mm
and in some cases 15 / 0.5 mm where the hair should be short

Start the clipping on the upper 1/3 of the ear, workin against the lie
of the hair. at the back edge of the ear, the area to be clipped
is slightly less than one third so that it conforms to the shape
of the ear. As you move the clippers upwar as, roll the clipper up and away to avoid sharp lines.

the cheeks are clipped against the lie of the hair,taking care
not to clip, beyond the corner of the eye
It holds up the ear backward, starting at the ear and move forward in
a line from corner to corner of mouth.
Working against the lie the hair, clean the muzzle and lips,
Tip: if your dog is lacking fullness in to the lip, you can leave a little more hair on to give the appearance of fullness.

Clean out the stop, whit a reverse v-shaped action

The eyelashes should be cut short, but if the dog has little
Bright eyes can be a little longer lashes but never longer than 0.5 cm.

Holding the ear forward and out of the way, clean the back and sides of the neck Using thinning scissors with the lie of the hair, never
against it, trim the neck so that the short hair blends
smoothly with the longer hair. Hold your dog´s chin up and find a position just above the breastbone, where you will begin the upward
strokes to clan the dog´s neck and lower jaw

clip an area just behind the skull between the ears to
enhance the crest in your dog´s neck

newer cut with the machine, use a thinnig scissors,
and thin out the pile

Use a coat king stripper to remove stray hairs or undercoat along the topline to obtain a smooth finish. drag the tool gently over the dogs back, taking care

The rear end effileras smooth and stepped on the bottom. Trim harder
precisely on the cross and the loins, but be careful, clip the tail to give it neat, rounde appearance.

Start by cutting clean between pads. do not cut too deeply
clip paw first in a square, round since the corners.
the back is cut up a bit.

Till toppen på sidan.

© Carina Ris – 2010

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