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My grand children Alvin, Jonathan, Elmer, Belle och Pennie.


I am grandmother to Alvin,Mathias son
Namn: Alvin Ernst Bertil Ris
Born: 07-07-05
Birth folded: 4680 gram
Birth length: 54 cm
I am grandmother to Jonathan, Thereses son
Namn: Jonathan Ris Häggmark
Born: 07-09-17
birth folded: 2810 gram
Birth length: 48 cm

Alvin 3 months with his father Mathias
 Alvin 2 months

Alvin 2 months
Alvin spring 2008

Alvin is cooking at his grandmothers house
Alvin is cooking at his grandmothers house

Alvin, Easter 2008

 Jonathan on his way home from the hospital, 3 days old.

 Jonathan and Alvin with their fathers 
 Jonathan, new-born

Jonathan at the maternity ward

Jonathan, spring 2008

Belle 2011

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