kennel Rowibu`s

Rowibu’s is a small kennel just outside Gothenburg.

Dogs have been in my entire life – Alsatian, Cavalier King Charles, King Charles Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, Cane Corso and Pumi

We breed American Cocker Spaniels, Cane Corso and Pumi on a small scale. The goal of our breeding is to produce healthy, willing to work and typical dogs with good personalities.

Our dogs live with the family in a quiet and safe home environment.

 They have a big garden to play in and we train obedience, tracking, agility, rally and retrieving with our dogs.

All puppies that move from us are:

  • Reg in SKK (pedigree)
  • vet. Checked
  • micro chipped
  • vaccinated
  • dewormed
  • no hidden defects
  • used to travelling in the car
  • used to nail clipping
  • freshly washed and dried

They may also have a small puppy package:

  • 1 kg dog food
  • blanket that smells like mom
  • DVD movie: welcome puppy
  • maintenance information
  • a little bit of plenty of puppy

Open contact when the buyer has any questions regarding their puppy

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